• Everyone's sweets using rice and soybeans

    Body-friendly pastry recipe not using flour, egg, dairy products




    Together with everyone, nice to meet you!

    A delicious sweets.
    A recipe for Western confectionery is made with the theme of "a swetes who can eat together with people who do not have any allergies" as well.
    Flour allergy which developed on about 20's. Based on that experience, we started a confectionery class that does not use wheat flour, eggs or dairy products. Among them, by using rice flour used for Japanese sweets along with soybeans and vegetables, I succeeded in creating a flavor and texture like a confection. Currently, I would like to deliver recipes of "Japanese sweets" using familiar rice to many people.

  • Materials

    I pursued "texture" and "deliciousness".

    together with everyone, i wish to create something both sweet and enjoyable to eat for both thoes without and with food needs and spacific intrests. for example people who are vegetarian, vegan, children and thoes with allergies.

    Using local ingredients.

    I use seasonal vegetables and I make sweets that match the season in japan.
    Especially the quality of rice flour varies depending on the harvesting area and time, variety, climate and manufacturing method. To use the same quality stuff, use local rice flour. I think that it is good to have unique sweets for each area.

  • Chiffon cake making whisk soymilk

    Shiffon Cake

    Firmly heavy rice flour dough, fluffy.

    For a more Japanes style taste in the end product and for a gluten free, healthy finish add rice flour. If you do not wish to add rice flour, you can also add plain flour. Make sure to beat the soymilk and ingredients well of the end product will be not fluffy and will become half the size and solid.

    I want to tell everyone "Soymilk frothing technology".

    This is a new tecneque i came up with. By whiping the soymilk with an egg whip it will create the same texture as whipping eggs, which you can use to make a healthy sponge cake type texture for the cake.

    By whipping the soymilk, the finished product will be light and fluffy. This can be tedious but the result is worth it. you can also use and egg beater.


    This is a picture of the aftermath of whipping the soymilk. This is not egg.

    Videos showing how to make soy milk foaming

    Viewing time about 5:19

    This video is in Japanes. This is the end result of whipping soymilk. This video does not contain the whole recipie but does show the proccess. Please contact us in English if you want the recipie.


  • Recipes Book Now on Sale

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    Books on recipes for basic sweets.

    This book holds a collection of japanese recipies using rice, soymilk, and familiar ingredients such as vegetables.
    There are 20 varieties of confections including crepes, cookies, donuts, muffins as well as chiffon cake. These recipies are of English origin but the difference in my confections are, the ingredients are of Japanes origin.
    It does not use flour, eggs, dairy products, and it is also delicious! , It is a recipie packed with plenty of technique and feelings.


  • The beginning of tams

    Canadian bakery is my starting point

    When I was young I was Canada. The baker's muffin I worked there is the starting point of my recipe.The inside is fluffy, the surface is fragrant, the muffins swell as they protrude from the mold. The word "delicious! Thank you" from the customer, the pleasure that the staff connects through making bread ....
    I was fascinated by the world of cooking and entered the confectionery school. I will struggle to make sweets. And allergies of flour that developed! I was keenly aware of the difficulty of removal and loneliness that I could not eat, as I thought, "I'm able to eat with everyone."

  • We are publishing the recipe

    I am making recipes corresponding to allergies and vegetarians

    For events.

    We provide recipes for food education events such as children's associations and exchange meetings.

    Easy to make sweets.

    Safe and fun in the kitchen at home
    I hope you enjoy making sweets
    I am sending recipes that can be easily created.

    Parenting site
    It was introduced at "Mamari".

    It was published in the magazine.

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    I also post talk about the days of tams which is also the mother of two children.


    in Japanese.

    I will tell you the information on sweets classes in japanese

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